March 5th, 2005

Are You Sure?

Articles updated...

I took the time to transfer over a half-handful of articles from Woodworks to my personal site:

I haven't moved over the how-to-art articles yet, or the one on print sizes, because that would involve more mental capacity than I feel I have right at the moment and requires tables and images and stuff. *yawn* Nor have I yet copied over any of my Epitome articles, though I should do that. They're all long and stuff, and I have to decide if I want to break them up.

I should poke other online zine-y sorts of things and see if they want me to write for them in exchange for advertising. Lots of things I should do. :P

I miss Woodworks. :(

Man... I love writing articles. I just whipped one out on Work for Hire (okay, it still needs a closing paragraph, and I want to look at the organization again with fresh eyes in the morning), and it's fun and flippant and fairly informative. My first thought was 'Woodworks!' But alas...

I need to subscribe to some magazines and see what kinds of articles they're running. I'm just not convinced that my articles would be original enough or on-topic enough for any of them, but maybe that's a venue to pursue. I would love nothing more than to sit down and write out articles for money.

I suppose I shall query Epitome and see if they want to run it. But I've got an article in to them for release in this next issue already... if it ever comes out! *figit* (I hope it's still good. I haven't dared to read it since I wrote the thing 'cause I'm scared it stinks. It was pretty off-the-cuff stuff.)

Hockey last night was a blast... very good game, we won 3:1. Dinner before was a royal dissapointment. We went to the Athenian, which was a fantastic, amazing place - very classy, with wine and linen napkins and the best food in Fairbanks, literally. (Tied with the Lemongrass) First clue: paper napkins. Second clue: lost their liquor license. The food was very... average. The beans could have been out of a can. The onion was bitter, the gyro meat was non-authentic. My sauce was good but came with a measly 5 shrimps. Prices were still at gourmet setting, but the food very VERY far from it. Oh, and they weren't able to make our favorite appetizer, but didn't tell us until they brought our salads.

We were going to do a LotR girls afternoon, but only Melody showed up, so we watched Labrinth instead. Then we played rummy 500 (but to 1000) and listened to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Jake and I had unpacked another box of CDs from the connex box. The new variety of tunes is boggling. He and Matt are out at hockey now. Go 'Nooks. :)

Matt is up here for almost three weeks - he and Nicki are moving back to Fairbanks (yay!) and he's scoping out jobs and rentals.

I think it's time for some TV and turning the brain off.