February 28th, 2005



Comment spammed again. A few hundred, this time. (edit: more than 350...)

So much for whatever I was going to do this morning...

Oh, and great... they're using a rotating IP, and posting faster than I can delete the things.

End of the Month Review

I suppose I can do my end-of-the-month review now that the rest of my day is shot cleaning up the PA site... won't get any writing or art time today, most likely, and if I do, it will be RWH art for a today kind of deadline.

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enough time

Goals for March

For March

Okay... These are the major goals for March:

RWH Tarot - finish layout and printing. (Cutting may be a task for April...)

Get through all submissions, finish contracting, etc.

Post 50 EMG designs.

Wish3 Vol 4 LEs.

Stay on top of PA designs.

Finalize text and layout all pages for VJ (kids book) (Layout, not finished art!)

Taxes (finish these... I'm never buying ANYTHING except on my credit card for EMG... I can just download a comma separated file of all my purchases and organize them by category... so EASY. I still have to go finish adding paypal and check purchases, finalize sales totals for the print services and fill out forms)

Finish Brani/Irdunn PA piece - due March 12!

Order new business cards (I'm finally nearly out of those crappy-ass things I made for the convention that mostly sucked)

Order from clearbags.com

Order girly shirts in black M, because then I can make them available on the site!

Add bookmark tassels to the site.

20k words on Jenny/Bjorn. Leave that until mid-March.

Dragoncon and fair booth paperwork, asap on both!

23 working days. I think that's reasonable! I have updated my whiteboard, rearranged my lists and consider this do-able!