February 9th, 2005

kiss my fish


Great morning so far.

5 AM - Jake makes an emergency trip to the outhouse.

5:30 AM - Jake makes second emergency trip to the outhouse, and warns me that MY cat has puked everywhere.

He wasn't kidding, either. Not all of it was puke, however, only oh, three of the nine or ten piles.

I am SO grossed out.
Twisty tree


Feeling all drug out. Was too grossed out to eat breakfast, which has led to a downward spiral of blood sugar and head hurting and blehs, and not getting anything done. Didn't sleep well (for some reason, someone thrashing around next to me groaning and muttering doesn't help my sleep. Wonder why...).

Velcro is better, though she had me seriously worried with her lack of interest in food or water for several hours there. Vet couldn't get us worked into their schedule, but she's perked up and thinks that water instead of food is a really raw deal, so I can stop worrying.


Hopefully my chicken has now thawed enough to break into pieces and cook for happy sustenance.