February 8th, 2005


State of the Hole...

I've been thinking like a madman.

I haven't at all been following my own advice.

As thrilled as I've been about quitting my job, I have not set out concrete goals, figured out where I want to be in 6 months, or started working towards it. Except with the novel. I've vowed to finish the rough draft by the end of February (of *course* I had to choose the shortest month of the year...), edit it and send it out by the end of March. But art? EMG? I haven't set out goals as much as I've just floundered around trying to do what has last caught my attention. Bad Ellen.

Jake and I were discussing last night, and he told me, you're trying to replace your job with TWO jobs (art and writing), and you're going to end up still working 90 hour weeks like you were!

Which I don't want.


Jake thinks writing is my ticket to success. I think EMG is. Art? Well... art is fun and I won't stop doing it, but I'm not going to put any effort into working on a portfolio to send out, and I may not send prints and originals to Cons, either. Which is an enormous load off my shoulders, because I was looking at this list of things to do and wondering how even 90 hours in a week would do them. Besides, illustrating is fun and all, but I'd be happier just doodling what I want to doodle. With PA as an outlet for that, it even still has the possibility of some income.

Having re-read my own advice (just now, for the first time in maybe a year...) a lot of it still holds true. This bit, in particular: I want to continue giving artists opportunities to profit from their talent. I want to make the business my source of income. A comfortable, regular source of income, no less. I want to continue drawing what I like to draw and writing what I like to write. I want to get to the point where I can hire a like-minded assistant and spend half of my time arting and half of my time managing and making products, with most of my evenings and weekends free to do exactly what I want. I want to have the flexibility to travel and do convention circuits and interact with artists and writers and go to zoos. I want a house with plumbing. These are all goals I'm working towards.


And speaking of plumbing... *drumroll*

OUR SINK DRAINS!!! Horrah! Horrah! And it drains well! None of this slow swirly draggingly boring draining, uh-uh. It's like there's a giagantic monster at the other end sucking for all its worth. *SLURP* Dishwater gone.

Well there. I rambled. Yay. Time to go write more Jenny and Bjorn...

And then go figure out what I need to do to make that *points up* really happen.

Random randoms.

Mostly done with Jenny and Bjorn pt 7, but it's not tied up yet - I'm doing my best to cut the scenes at logical places. Doesn't always work out, but mostly.

Means I only have today's left to do before I'm caught up.

Answered a number of stale emails today, and did some site maintanence. The card sending service at EMG is no more. *moment of silence*

Got some artists set up to submit, and folks, it's really not too bad in there - if you've been holding off so as not to swamp me, don't worry about it. :) (No, I haven't sorted them yet, but there aren't so many to go through that I'm frightened...)

Having said that, I am fully prepared to be deluged.

And eek, it's after 4 and I have gaming tonight. Best get moving. I have two orders to get out before art/shooting people time. And I need a shower.

Did I mention that our sink drains? GLEE.

Also, Jake the turd got Babylon 5 season 3 on DVD and plans to watch episodes without me! *wails*

(ps: he's not a turd.)