February 2nd, 2005


Spam spam spam!

My favorite spam subject line so far this week: Ok, cunt!

Yeah, *that* makes me want to buy...

And PA got comment spammed again. Spent FAR too much of my morning deleting comments. More this time, too. Another banned IP to add to the list.

Almost time to write for a bit, then I just have to ink the lettering of Faerywoods and she will be done. I hate her again, but don't think I have time to do a completely new entry.

Got an out-of-the-blue email asking about doing some book cover art - YAY! Might not be a paying gig, though... I'll have to query further. Still, YAY. I haven't sent out portfolios nor updated my site yet. Nor chosen a name. I do like both dotminatrix.com and stipplefish.com...


Oh! I watched Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - the movie this weekend, all for the first time! The first movie was far, far, FAR better than I expected. I liked it quite a lot, actually! The second was what I had expected both movies to be, CHEESE. Fun, but not great. And TMNT was hilarious. Melody brought it over on Saturday night and we made nachos. It was great. Next week, Ghostbusters.

Ellen's movie reveiw brought to you by procrastinators not-incorporated-yet.
kiss my fish


Ah hell... I've broken the submission site...

Edit= fixOred. Ergh...

Fixed now, but I need to go re-create the new authors I made yesterday. Rargh. Notes to self: plain text mode, NOT unicode, and there's a dangling line break that HAS to be at the end of the file. Stupid dangling line break...


Worthless morning. Not worthless, I suppose, but yii. Deleted comment spam, fixed submission site, fixed more problems at PA, fixed more stuff, wrote emails and appear to have made NO dent on my inbox. Set up artists for submissions (many of them twice, thanks to my doltishness). Did a load of dishes until I ran out of water. About to go register folks for PA.

Only 800 words on yon novel so far, but at least they are 800 words I like. And the cat is happy because today I've kept the woodstove dilligently full.

Hopefully I will get another 800-900 words in, ink that darn faerywoods stuff, and then I will get some EMG entries up.

Yes indeed-y.

I plan on removing the custom cards from EMG. In the year or two they've been up, I've only sold one or two, and it's not worth the hassle. Also, it conflicts with putting the join-email-lists form in the header or footer. So. No more custom cards. Say goodbye! That's going to be my next major non-update site work.