January 21st, 2005

enough time


Hey, I've got a new portrait available for adoption (see her behind the cut if'n you're too lazy to head over to PA), and I have recently reduced the prices of several of my older pieces, as well as added customization options to most of them in case one of them isn't quiiiiite right (or you want it in color, etc).

My PA Page

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My back is *killing* me. Upper back, which is good, and not as bad as it was last night - I did way too much yesterday, between carrying wood, water and shovelling snow. Bad Ellen. Deserves pain.

I've got seven new designs up at EMG. Yay! I also got about a billion (okay, maybe just a hundred) emails answered and/or sorted, which I needed to do painfully. Still need to do more in a bad way.

Also arted, and if you signed up for the WIP filter and don't see Autumn, lemme know.

Also made a yummy lunch with french onion potatoes, pork loins, bulgar and lime water. Mmm...

Also... um... I made lists! And plugged in my car, 'cause I gotta drive into town and fill orders still. Jake has hockey tonight, so I'm working a little late to get caught up on stuff.

Also! Also! I have nothing else.