January 18th, 2005


On Stippling...

So Catie asked me, "why stippling?"

Folks have this idea that stippling is painstaking, painful and tedious, but really, it's not. And it's almost magically flexible.

With crosshatching, for example, you have to KNOW how dark an area you are aiming for, which direction(s) you're going to put your hatching, and exactly where it's going to end. Otherwise, they aren't spaced evenly, they don't have a good uniform width, and they look messy. With dots, you put some down, but they aren't quite right - big deal! You can 'erase' any line simply by adding more shading in that area. You can change the boundaries of a shaded area at anytime, seamlessly, without having to go back and use white-out, or painstakingly extend careful little hatch lines. Dotting is *easy*. Too light? Add more dots. Too dark? Make the area around it darker. It's correctible, adjustable, I can add fiddly little details as I think of them, and fix things that I didn't notice were wrong.

Like on Atlantis - I had some perspective lines on the underside of that... ruin-thingy that were just *wrong*, and I didn't notice how wrong until I'd inked them in and photographed it. So I just made that area darker, and the wrong lines faded away into nothing.

I can also multi-task like a madwoman while stippling. Not anything that uses my hands, of course, but I can 'watch' TV (not rivetting TV that requires eyes, but there's not a lot of that available anyway...), and this weekend I mentally figured out a solution to a web problem, unravelled a massive fanfiction plot block, gave myself several peptalks, composed a few letters that I still need to type, and worked on the press release I want to get out by Feb. I can't do that with other kinds of inking - it requires too much concentration. Dots... they're just dots. Fill in the blanks, look for white bits and stab the pen at them. Tedious, maybe, but the progress is so real and so easy that I don't feel bored, and letting my brain wander isn't so devastating to the final product.

I think it's weird that people think I'm patient to do stippling. Getting that much detail and shading with any other method would take *more* patience and more planning (which I'm not real hot at. Larry Elmore told me to work on that, years ago, and I know I need to.).

So there you have it. That's why I stipple.
kiss my fish

My day in review.

Gar! GAR! Internet was kaput shortly after my last post for the rest of the day. Which was VERY irritating, because I had updates planned and many, many emails to work on. Darn it! And now it's all evening like and I'm soooo unmotivated to do any actual work, so I shall not because I don't have to. *sticks out tongue*

Instead, I matted a copy of Freedom, and though I screwed up said matt (it wasn't square, and I didn't check to see if it was before I started cutting - doh!!), the results made me oo and aw and I printed up two more of them for other colors of mattboard that I have around and I'm going to either send them to conventions, put them on eBay, or hang them at Kristen's. Or something else I haven't thought of. And next time, I check for square. Pretty, pretty mattboard, all suede and rich looking. I planned to go to Michaels, but didn't have enough time before I had to pick Jake up (my car is still under three feet of snow). So instead I went to Gulliver's and bought a used book of short fantasy stories for $1.75. Not as satisfying as buying art supplies.

I also meant to get orders out, but that I actually DID do. Except one, that I couldn't get the address I needed for, because of the previously mentioned Internet outage.

I also wrote 1200 words of fanfiction drivel. And finished the Atlantis piece (that was several hours) and printed a print service order that I haven't actually been paid for yet, though it's a customer I'm sure will come through. And... I must have done something more than that. Stood in line at the post office, taped over the broken taillight of the truck... just piddly stuff.

So, that's how thrilling my life is.

(I'm journalling in part right now as a follow-up to reading 'How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci,' which is a book Jake got me for my birthday and so far I'm rather intrigued.)