January 6th, 2005


I'm not really here...

House is still standing, half-buried in snow drifts. We had to park at the top, snowshoe down to the house, and Jake got the snow-blower out so he could park the truck off the road. Nearly out of light for the day now, and it's not quite done, but it's warm enought we don't have to worry about plugging the truck in, at least.

Best vacation Ever.

Many stories, many photos, I'm as tan as I get (which is not very), and I'm psyched about cracking my knuckles and digging into some art and writing and catching up on business. I've only been able to skim back a few pages of LJ entries, so if something momentous has happend, please humor me and let me know here. :)

But I'm not really back. 'Cause then I'd have to go answer the billions of emails in my inbox...