December 13th, 2004

Are You Sure?

If I have any hair left after the last several days...

Wow. Momentus few days. Last issue of woodworksezine is out. Go read. I really wanted to write a nostalgic editorial to go out on, but ya know, stuff happened. Didn't get that Spectrum entry finished either. I'm not exactly wallowing in guilt. Which is unusually for me, and means that I don't have time even for guilt.

Burnt myself tanning on Friday (which should tell you about the translucent white of my skin previously), but it was minor and much healed today. Slathered on some suntan lotion over the darkest areas (not even red anymore, really) and got a few more minutes on the whitest bits. Still feels fantastic to stand under the lights.

And of course, unless you live in a hole that my voice can't holler into, you know I'm done with work forever! (My mother, love her dearly, keeps saying 'oh, well, you might go back in June' because I think she thinks I won't be able to make it... my parents are a very odd mix of supportive and 'really dear, art? *worried look*')

And now I'm off for my very late honeymoon/Christmas vacation thingy. Weeeeeeeeee! I'm a little nervous about all the travelling and lack of sleep and strange people and such, but it will still be super, super fun.

Have gotten through about 40 emails already, but have about 140 still to go. Hopefully most can just be sorted. ARGH. I didn't get Caileigh's book mailed. Or Tarlia's yearplus late NaNo bribe. Or Hazel's package. Or the adopted galleries updated. Oh well. See above notice on absence of guilt. When I come back, I'll have LOTS of time! Real time!

Okay, must go do more emails and take a shower and meet Jake to shop for sunny clothes.