December 9th, 2004

unicorn egg color

12 Hours!

12 hours of work left! 12 hours! 4 today and 8 tomorrow!

Also, I took the catch-all off my email and holy balls does that cut down on spam.

Also, I have only 12 hours of work left!

Also, Melody and I are going to the company party Friday night. Jake has hockey.

Also, I have only 12 hours of work left!

Also, I went tanning (in a box) for the first time last night and really, really, really liked it. Light therapy, baby!

Also, I have only 12 hours of work left!

Also, I MUST do horoscopes today. I hope to have enough time to whip out an article, but... well, there's only 12 hours of work left!


I was cleaning out work files and found my daily artistic goals from way back when... I was hoping I hadn't lost these. I will probably refine these and post them above my desk. :)

My daily goals as an artist:

I will draw everyday. Even if I don't think that I have time, inclination, or inspiration.
I will take the chance of ruining a good beginning.
I will try to draw something I haven't drawn before, or something that scares me, or that I know I am not good at.
I will remember that I do not have to like what I've drawn as long as I've learned something from it.
I will not be offended if someone else doesn't like what I've drawn even if I do, or if they see something that is wrong with a drawing that I did not. I will remember to appreciate a discerning eye.
I will retain my humility without becoming discouraged.
I will remind myself that I love art and that it is a marvelous escape, not a curse or a terrible gnawing disease.
I will finish something. And I will remember that I will always want to go back and change things, and that there is a point at which a piece must simply be declared 'finished' or I will never complete anything.
I will use a medium that scares me; ink in its permanency, watercolor in its looseness, or something new that I've never tried.
I will develop my own personal style, something uniquely my own, but I will not be afraid to deviate from it, either.

Last Safeway Salad

I'm just full of 'lasts' and 'countdowns' and 'finals' today. :)

Today's probably the last time I eat at the Safeway salad bar... I don't plan on making it over to this end of town often and the salad bar at the other end of town sucks.

Hey! They're making ice art out of my design! That's quite cool...

The last couple of years at Design Alaska I designed an ornament for the holiday concert and the design goes on about 800 ornaments that are handed out to concert-goers and DA employees. This year, they're carving it in a HUGE block of ice in front of the building. It's not a remarkable design, just a clarinet with some music bars around it... I was told to draw a clarinet and I just did what I could. (Long, skinny instrument with teensy details that are too fine to reproduce... and make it fill a circle. And no holly or wreaths. Um...)

Anyway, I'll take some photos. :)

8.5 hours!!! Yay!!!