December 7th, 2004



So is LJ being super buggy today or is it just me? It took about six times before I could log in, and my most recent entries, though they show up on my friendslist, don't show up on my page. Weeeeird.

Anywho, productive night last night, got lots of orders out and more half-finished. Tonight, to finish those.

Days of work remaining: FOUR!!!

New mailing list

Well, I realized that I was going to need my Very Own mailing list as soon as I was doing marketing of my Very Own. So, I command you to go join my mailing list! I promise not to over-spam, but I will let you know when I've got new auctions up, new work at Portrait Adoption, and when I'll be taking commissions and such arty goodness. Sign up HERE.

(Of course, I do tend to blab about everything I do a great deal here, so I won't hate you if you don't go join... but I'll love you and hug you and keep you in a special jar if you do join.)

Ack! Horoscopes! Ack!