December 3rd, 2004


Hard Decisions....

Installed Norton on this machine, finally (no virusi! I'm a cautious surfer and paranoid emailer...).

Also have decided to completely close down EMG while I'm gone. I was going to train someone up to post adoption work and answer emails for me, but I just haven't had time, and my trust level is super, super low right now. Would have loved to leave Jennie in charge again, but her new car must have eaten her.

So, no new work will be posted at all between 15 December and 15 January, nor will emails be answered during that time, nor will orders be filled. Adoption claims and orders may still be placed. I'll also be closing all the submission sites and the upload site so I don't end up with an overloaded server problem. (Hey, my hosting company just tripled our bandwidth alottment! Woo!)

I really, really hate to do this and I hatehatehate that we couldn't get plane tickets any closer to Christmas. I always feel like I lose a lot of momentum when I have to shut things down.

Oh well. I'll come back with a bang, that's for sure.

Alright! Wish3 now...

Meep merp!

My entire PA queue is posted! Wow! First time in a while that's been the case...

Time to head into town and start on orders. And go to the bank and all that happy slappy stuff. Oo, first, catbox cleaning, followed by lunch! (With a healthy dose of washing my hands between the two...)

I am all-over-again grateful to whomever got me my icon-happy paid LJ account. :) It's hard not to detour and take the time to make myself a Working icon...