December 1st, 2004


T-shirt sale reminder!!

Today's the last day that EMG t-shirts are on sale.

You know you want one. Or maybe six.

Also, I'm going to try to finish my fish/swirlyhaired/key picture in time to submit it to Spectrum. It's crazy of me, since I don't know if will be good enough and I have six million things to do in the next two weeks before I leave (including tanning so I don't burn to a crisp... I don't know anything about tanning, so I don't know what that even entails...), but darn it, I'm going to do this shoot-for-the-moon thing all the way.


I can never think of subject lines.

Steph's such a sweetie. I ordered another copy of 'Way of Faeries' and told her what happened and she refunded my payment and said she'd send the replacement free. *warmfuzzies*

Um... what else. Sent a huge check to the Alaska Wholesale Show along with some samples. Expensive venture, but highly recommended, and since my minimum order will be $100 (maaaaybe $75), a dozen sales would pay off enormously. And this is a huuuuge thing, apparently. Intimidating vendor list.

Afternoon to make and mail orders. Horrah.

I get to art at work! Yay!