November 29th, 2004



Two weeks to unemployment!

I feel entirely unmotivated to do anything...

Orders to fill tonight, and then it's home to do more web updating. Somedays it feels like I update and update and update and update and my list of things to post NEVER gets any smaller. But the lists ARE getting smaller and smaller, most especially my list of new artists to get up. If I get some Excel time tonight, I might be able to get ALL the rest of the PA queue up. That'd be neat. I would've gotten them all up on Sun, but StarGate came on, and darnit, I'm allowed my sci fi fix.


(think Swedish chef from the muppets)
Twisty tree


My signed copy of 'The Way of the Faeries' arrived didn't arrive today.

Instead, I got a box. A very mangled, very empty box in a plastic 'we care' bag. The box was stamped all over with 'Received in damaged condition' and 'received un-sealed' and 'w/out contents.'
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Coding query...

Can someone explain to my why these thumbnails will not stack?? The tables at the top and bottom are nicely obedient, and very sweetly change size to match the size of the window, but those darn thumbnails insist on creating a scrollbar and listing themselves way off in space!!

I'm sure it's something simple that I don't know because all of my html knowledge is gross, frankensteined cut'n'paste power...