November 16th, 2004


Oo oo OO!

Greymatter has a fix for that darn connected files error!!!! Horrah!!! I can go back to connected files for the artistspages so that load time is 100x faster! I just have to force a regeneration of the particular variable and muck with the cgi code to add a rebuild of the entrymood and entrymusic variables. Boo for having to re-enter 100 redirect addresses...


(Don't expect that change to be a big priority... other stuff comes first. But hey, at least I CAN do it.)

The first to know!

I did it! I put all the t-shirts on sale, paypal and mail order only (changing the credit card pricing is SOooooOoooooo complicated, didn't want to bother with it. Also, the credit card service chews huge profits off the top, so it isn't as good a deal for me, and it's as much work to change them all back... so.).

White shirts are all $3 off, dark shirts are all $2 off. That's t-shirts starting at $10. Great t-shirts, I might add. Really amazingly cool t-shirts, from all your favorite artists... who are still getting 100% of their fees!

You guys are the first to know. :) Order early! Order often!

You know you want to...