November 14th, 2004


Morning report

Okay, it's not quiiiite morning anymore...

Got some emails answered, and a PA piece up. Ready to tackle some EMG pieces, but need breakfast first, and the casserole is cooking slowly. Too slowly. *gnaws on coffee cup*

Have some more work to do on that calendar plate, thank you SO much, those of you who commented! I've definitely got to punch up the shadows and make the dreamy-time-changy thing work better... that's supposed to be a young Lovemaker and some miscellaneous chick in the background, and an older LM with his daughter Lark in the foreground and he's telling the story about his youth.

Oo! Kitchen timer went off!

Looking out...

I love the new configuration of my workspace at home. I get to look out, right up our snowy driveway, and it's much better than being squeezed into a corner like I was before. And we got the height of the chair and drafting table worked out so that I'm not cutting off the circulation to my feet anymore. Yay!

I got 14 EMG entries up this weekend, and a handful of PA pieces, too. Four new artists at EMG, and one at PA! Go see! Go see!

Now, I have to fix a calendar problem, answer some more fricking emails (150 to answer... *dies*) and then I may be able to work on some art again.