November 11th, 2004


Shirt Sizing!

At looong last...

All measurements are in inches, from armpit to armpit, multiply by two for approximate chest size

Girly shirts:

XXL - 19
XL - 18
L - 17
M - 15.5
S - 13.25

Regular shirts:

XXXL - 28
XXL - 25
XL - 24
L - 20.5
M - (didn't have one handy)
S - 18

As you can see, the sizing is VASTLY different between the shirt styles.

final logo, review and new work up.


Now my head hurts.

But! I did get a whole lotta PA pieces up, including a new artist, and even more in the claim site, and I got a new artist up over at EMG.

Plus, I went shopping, so we have real food in the house again.

Also, delivered the final of the Deep Woods Band logo, and was soooo relieved to find that they loved it! Yay! I always worry... it doesn't matter if they've loved all the sketches, and been avidly positive about every in-progress bit, there's always that chance you get to the end and they say, 'ehn...'

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I also got reviewed in a Dutch magazine!

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I have no idea what it says (okay, I can pick out about 20 words that I can safely guess thanks to some German and Swedish), and plan to go find a translation site after dinner, but I don't imagine they'd recommend me and then bash me... :P

Tomorrow, I have to go to JoAnns for my mother, buy a raspberry tart, get that stupid passport/marriage certificate matter resolved, work on Wish3, drop off the dark elves calendar, and get more work up.