October 20th, 2004


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Fixed up the submitted descriptions page at PA, 'cause that needed to be done. Really, REALLY need to get some more PA pieces up; that's one of my jobs for the afternoon. One print order to work on, t-shirts to check on at Michaels, and the rest is webwork. Tonight, TV and finishing the DWB logo.

I'm such an editor. I feel like I probably owe most of you an apology, because I honestly can't look at anything or read it without looking for the flaws. I hope you don't ever take my critical approach to your work as a sign I don't like it; I always find something to love about it.

Also, I'm hating my job again today. Bill needs me to do more than I can *possibly* do in a half day, Sonia needs me to work on a big design project, Marilyn needs me to print some stuff for her, Janet needs me to print these HORRID huge .tif file drawings... it's just impossible. In passive-aggressive resistance, I am updating my LJ. :P Also, my more CPU intensive programs are all still thinking.

Woops, more work to do... gotta fly.


Ee! I have a tablet!! And EEEEee! It is very cool!

And Ee! My printer didn't pull in the canvas it was supposed to print on and I had to clean the stupid thing because it *thought* it was printing on canvas while it was only splooting ink all over the place.

Ee! I'm 90% finished with the on-demand shopping-cart, image-hosting thingy!

Ee! I'm going to finish up the new webpage tonight and unleash it on the unwitting public!

Ee! My post has been taken over by monkies!


Going home now to do webwork on non-dial-up and resist the shiny new toy until I've got some stuff done!