October 8th, 2004


T-shirt test update!

Okay, got my new test stock in, and so far, I'm pretty pleased. :)

I have 2X in a white tank top and a black tank top (you can order at S-XL price, so pay just $13), and 2 in the white 'baby-rib' shirt. (Girly-cut t-shirt) I apparently wasn't wise enough to order any of the cap-sleeved in 2X. In addition, I have white and black tanks tops in S-XL, white baby-rib tops in S-XL and the black-capped white shirts in S-XL.

You may pay via paypal: emillion at ellenmilliongraphics.com, just let me know which design on which shirt. You can also just buy through the site shopping cart, if you prefer. $13 each, first come first served (comment to reserve, payment due shortly, please!), $5 shipping in the US, $8 to Canada, $10 to anywhere else.

Off to finalize my wholesale policy for one project, print more Wish3, package a print service order, and tralalala around the office like the happy end-in-sight loon that I am.


My tablet didn't come today, but that's probably a good thing, or I wouldn't have gotten so much done today. Worked in the morning, wrangled with Wish3, got a print service doo-hickey out, and now I'm printing t-shirts. Mostly for a large print order, but also t-shirts for you folks just who just ordered. (Am I on the ball, or what? No... don't answer that. *glances at pile of older stuff to do that I haven't touched in weeks...*) Telling me 'no rush' comes with certain dangers. You might get it the next day, or you might get it in two months. Okay, not two months usually. But sometimes. If things go really wrong.

I also got new work up at PA, but one of them's already been adopted (Christine Griffin's gallery has it in the adopted section). And another piece was adopted today, too (up on the front page). Yay!

Jake's got hockey tonight; I'm going to print as much of this as I can until about 6 and then head over to drop off Wish3 for binding and go home to work on the webpage this evening. 64 more entries! Which on some days feels IMPOSSIBLE. It's going to be nice getting to add the new work. Adding a few entries a day is much easier than doing the clean-up I'm having to do and the transfer of files from the old site and all. blah.

Deep Woods Band was super happy with the progress on the logo, and I musta hit it just right judging by your comments, since it's kind of a 70's throwback sorta hippy band. *grin*

As pers1stence commented several posts back, this upsurge of energy and happiness is the surest sign I could ask for that I've made the right decision in choosing to quit. Knowing that there's an end in sight to this madhouse schedule and crazy-making workload is SUCH a relief. Bring it on! In January, I will be a free woman! Poor, maybe, but FREE!!

The idea of having scheduled art and writing time instead of snatching it catch-as-catch-can makes me giddy.