October 7th, 2004


My terrible life.

Oh woe is me... I had to order an Intuous tablet last night, and two 512 Flash cards.

Oh woe.

And here I am at work (2 months and a week left!) where they have yummy sweet pastry goodies for us and no work so far today, so I get to polish up my paper-sizes article and write horoscopes.

Oh woe!

And I have the afternoon off to go fill about 12 orders. Terrible, horrible drudgery, having to turn on some good music and Make Cool Stuff.

Woe, woe, woe!!

Then, I shall have to go home to my beautiful woods and handsome, supportive husband and half-built house and pander to my affection-demanding cat and use my Real Stove to make a Real Meal and then I shall have to watch DVDs and sleep a wretched 8 hours and get up and suffer through another day!

How awful a life! How dreadful a day! *presses back of hand to forehead*