October 4th, 2004


I can't help it!

I'm absolutely, irrepressably happy.

I've talked mom and dad into letting me use some more of the basement space, so I can set up My Own heatpress and the mat cutter on a permanent basis. No more trips across town!! Yay! Which also means, no more trips temptingly close to Michaels where I can blow all my art supply budget in a single swoop!

Also means I'm greenlight-go on offering matted prints and matting as a print service. Woot! (Won't be until after the day job ceases, of course...)

Also means I have room to buy more printing/binding toys... *eyes binding machines...* I will RESIST!

Those of you who are members! What do you think of the following communities in terms of usefulness in being a member: ASFA, ESBQ, Art-Wanted and something else maybe I haven't heard of.... Thanks!!

*snoopy dances around the office despite an ugly paper/printer disagreement...*