September 20th, 2004


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6 EMG entries, which isn't much to show for the morning. Switching over to PA to appease the natives and give myself a change of pace.

Took a little while yesterday to dress up and take photos out in the fall, and they turned out great. Will post them after above mentioned native-appeasing and some more EMG entries.

Tough Day...

Largely spent doing webwork, but we also changed the tires on Jake's truck and continued winterization on the yard. Neck and back have hurt dreadfully this weekend. Hot-tubbed with Sheldon and Carrie last night, which helped temporarily. They made us the best food I've possibly ever had.

Mom is in the hospital with more clots. I'm going to go over and see her after work tomorrow. I hate hospitals.

7 EMG entries total, though I'll work more after dinner. 7 PA pieces up, too. (Three at claim site)

Working very hard at not feeling snarly with stress. EMG is not a waste of time. This web re-design is NOT a waste of time, and my artists really don't hate me for taking so long to do it. This house is not a ugly little shack and I am not a crappy artist. My ideas are not stupid.

Okay! Time for some dinner.