September 13th, 2004


The weekend of stairs

We now have a landing before our front door. No more climbing into the front door up rickety stairs! Woo! Treated wood, just a small 6 SF landing with the previous (log) stairs reinforced. No huge rises, no wobble. Very nice.

We also now have basement stairs! They're very sturdily constructed; 3 stringers, less steep than the upper stairs and far, far less wiggly. (We plan to replace the upstairs guys... what we've got now was only supposed to be construction stairs.)

I also got a PA portrait up. And 9 EMG entries, and still going. Got art time, no less! Worked on the DWB logo for a while, and LIKE it now. It's about ready for ink.

Had Jewish-Syrian food with mom and dad and Becca. Jake loved it. I rather liked it.

Tonight we had home-baked mac and cheese. I love having an oven again. We unpacked some of our kitchen pans from the connex box and put them away in the base cabinets. A kitchen! I have most of a kitchen again!

Off to put up more entries. Past time to get that site put together.

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Good start to the day...

Good start to the day...

1 EMG entry up during coffee breaks, and 1 PA entry. Was futzing with a math form for the AIA convention, so I went off on a sideline and built a page to calculate the list price for commission printing services. Cute little thing, but I can't quiiiiite make it do what I want. What I've got is close enough, but I'd rather have checkboxes. However, checkboxes won't work without value tags, and the value tags hose up the rest of the script.

Finally FINALLY got UG transfered to mousepad successfully. This is take six on this stupid order... first was a misprint, two transfers got scratched in-transit and two got mispressed. Rargh. And all this on an order that I waived shipping on. Definitely didn't make money on this stupid thing.

I love having sturdy stairs.

Oh, and I finally got that darn membership page updated at PA.

And art, did I mention that I got some art time? I love getting art time. Makes me feel... not grumpy.

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Very productive evening. Got most of my list crossed off, 6 packages plus V's CBs, plus one to be hand-delivered, big print order has to dry overnight, but is all printed up, ALL orders are cleared out of CCNow, ALL PA adoptions are filled, ALL freebie orders are finished, all but two of VKs originals are scanned, and it's not quite 7:15.

Also, I had the most marvelous dinner; sausage stuffed squash and spinach cheese pie, with black cherry/chocolate frozen yogurt and fluffy chocolate cookies for dessert. *lipsmacks*

Okay, so maybe there are benefits to having the business camped out in the parents' basement...

I'm off to take a shower, then drop by the post office and mail this heap of stuff, then go home and work on the webpage. I thought it was going to take me AT LEAST until 9 to get all this done, so I'm a happy, happy camper.