September 7th, 2004


To work go I...

I yam beat.

We worked later than we planned last night, but the bottom half of the kitchen is pretty much together!! Yay! We have base cabinets installed and braced really sturdily, we assembled the counter, and the seam looks super professional, we have the counter on the cabinets, counter secured, and the stove is raised and wired and installed.

We got to bake pizza in it for a late dinner last night. YAY!!

So much to do with EMG I could cry... but I won't, 'cause that won't get any of it DONE.

First on the list, get 1 new portrait up at PA.
Second on the list, work on new entries at the new EMG site. Got about seven up. That's *something.*
Third on the list, horoscopes for Woodworks.
Fourth on the list, everything else.

New laptop is marvelous, though I didn't have a lot of time to play with it. I installed Firefox, and AdAware, and have so far been awfully pleased with them. (Thank you so much, everyone for all of your advice!!) The teensy mouse works wonderfully and everytime I touch a regular sized one, I think to myself 'this thing is HUUUGE.'

Okay, to work!