September 2nd, 2004


Is it me?

Okay, help me out here.

Is this page at all unclear? Is it perhaps easy to go away with the idea that I am accepting general submissions? Have I been somehow vague and wishy-washy about the fact that I am ONLY accepting coloring book submissions?


They made me grumpy. Be afraid.


Okay, worked off my careless-submittor ire, got some PA pieces up (one of mine, even!), and now I'm one half hour from getting the rest of the day off to go work on the webpage. (And mail some minor stuff...)

I got the router to work last night (thanks for the offer, Ciri! it was half operator error, half ecelectic Alaska DSL settings) and I LUV my new laptop. Oh, baby. It's fast, it's clean, I love it six ways to Tuesday. Photoshop 7 is successfully installed, and if I could get the stupid FTP program to work, we'd all be golden.

But! The little touchpad thing is a little restrictive. So I think to myself, get a mouse. Then I think to myself... why a mouse? Why not a little wireless tablet that will do mouse functions AND let me digitally color?

They have here at 2 Geeks an under $100 (It was either $45 or $68, I was pricing a bunch of things, and now I don't remember which was which...) True-touch (I think?) 6 x 8 wireless tablet. I asked about quality, they said it wasn't the super-precise Wacom tablet, but it was serviceable. And I could buy it on the way home tonight... *glee*

Anyone heard horrid things? Hold out for Wacom? Shop online and be patient? I will probably eventually get the Intuous that costs a buttload and will do everything, but is this a decent mouse-replacement/drawing tablet? Advise me, wise Friends!