September 1st, 2004


My day to this point.

Looooong day.

Lots to do at work, though I still squeezed in five new EMG entries. (Old-new, not new-new....) Also posted a PA piece for claim. Also got my Inbox from ~110 (postspam) messages to about 50.

Also got called in by the Boss and asked what they'd have to do to get me to go back to fulltime. I almost didn't laugh. He told me I was enormously valuable and they'd do whatever it took to keep me working as much as they could have me, and made my head about six times too big complimenting my attitude, skills and design talent. They also (GLEE) want to put me on a set schedule instead of this stupid wait-til-Tuesday-and-try-not-to-give-her-any-time-off thing that I've been doing. All excellent news.

Also, I bought the laptop yesterday. I had to. It was shiny.

I also bought a wireless router that I cannot seem to set up. Rargh!

Almost bought a tablet, but couldn't quiiiiite justify it to myself.

Anywho, that's my day. So far.

La la la ...