August 25th, 2004


La la la...

Ah, frell! I forgot to order paper while my favorite brand was on sale. Way to go, Ellen.

Powering through my inbox... I've halved it in the last three days, which is very, VERY nice. Haven't had much EMG office time, to make up for that. :/ Well, tomorrow and Friday are off the day job, so maybe then. Must call Sears and find out when my fridge and stove are being delivered!


Friday! Yay! Shall have to put some pallets out for them, since they won't be able to come inside yet, but Sears won't hold 'em any longer.

More Portrait Adoption stuff put up today. Can't move much forward on the EMG site until we figure out t-shirt and sweatshirt variables... and some keyword standards, too, I think. Anyway, there's plenty of other stuff to get caught up on, so I'm not crying. Tomorrow, hopefully, I shall power ahead on that. Or Friday. It'd be nice to open the new site this weekend, but I am ridiculously optimistic.

I'd like to offer some kind of coloring book special... maybe buy one of each and get $5 + off. Or $5 off and a $5 gift certificate to use with their next order? Hmmm... I like that one.