August 21st, 2004


Just rambles

Frell, my head hurts. Stupid smoke.

We bought an air purifier last night, and I think it helps, but of course, then I came and spent a whole day working on EMG stuff and left it at home. I can't wait until 'home' and 'EMG' are the same place and I don't have files spread out everything.

Oi, was I more behind than I thought. Spent some time tracking down who had paid for what and whose files were on which disc (now happily sorted into their appropriate files on my harddrive) and which things I'd color-matched and which still needed some tweaking. Stupid blues. *grumble*

Got some PA pieces up, and some orders organized. Printer is tied up with a print service run right now, and then it's off to do some cards and magnets.

And my head is just pounding! Argh!

Shall go fetch a snack and some water... I haven't at all been drinking like I should.

Matt and Nicki came in last night... it's so nice to see them. :) They've missed Alaska, and it sounds like they'll be moving back when they can. Yay! Sometimes it feels like I just make friends when they move away, so it's odd and wonderful to have folks planning to come *here* for once.

Stupid head...