August 19th, 2004


I'm sort of back...

I drove Jennie to the airport this morning, which was very, very sad, but we agreed that it's likely the last time I shall have to do that, which is very, very good. I am mailing her a crowbar to use on Ryan.

The fair went very well. It was a weird one, all of the vendors agree, but it was good for us.

I'm terribly behind on everything. I go back to work tomorrow, so I have to get email answered today and work on the webpage. The coding for the webpage is basically done... today is largely going to be spent re-entering items. Yay. It really shouldn't be that bad. Really. But I'm known for being overly optimistic, so let's see how it goes.

Jennie and I did take two days off, Tuesday and yesterday. We drove out to Chena Hot Springs and lugged art stuff to a yurt. We soaked, and ate, and soaked and arted and napped and soaked and arted and ate... It was heaven. Though I'm honestly very un-impressed with the CHS management. They have ceased to include a swim pass with yurt rentals, and towel service is now $5.00. And yet, with all of this money that they are saving, still they cannot manage to afford $1.79 for a bathroom stall slider that has been missing for two years, nor can they manage to install towel hooks in the shower room. I plan to go buy some of each and mail them to CHS with a nice-scathing note.

I'm off to check my yahoo mail, which I have not even looked at in at least two weeks. (Scary!) And then start entering EMG stuff. I came back from dropping Jennie off and slept another few hours, which I desperately needed, but now my day is somewhat gone. Off I go!

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Now must work.


Oh good grief... this is the worst the smoke has been yet... my whole head is pounding, and breathing is a bit of a struggle. UGH. Glad Jennie escaped when she did.

Edit: No worries that fire is bearing down over the hills at us, btw... the wind has just been in exactly the wrong direction and now there's an inversion that sucks all the smoke down onto us and holds it here. The fires (lots of them) are plenty far away and fairly contained, it's just ghastly-smoky. If you're interested in seeing: Click on map wildfire, then 'zoom to Alaska.' Fairbanks is in the middle of the state, and you can click on 'show cities' or 'show cities and towns' over in the right hand menu to see where stuff is. The MODIS Thermal Sattellite is awesome, too, the red stuff shows current fires, orange is older, and black is more than a day old. (You have to click on Refresh Map to get the things to show)


About 25 of 300 entries done. Head is pounding, it's got to be 85 degrees, and the air is so thick I feel like I'm sitting in an ashtray. Blech. Got some emails done, but I'm honestly not working with all cylinder's firing, so I'm just being slow and careful with the new entries until I get the hang of the new system. Also mucked some with the templates so that transparent stuff shows up nicely and broke the shopping cart. DOH! Fixed it again... just a missing end-quote. Reminder to self: next/previous links. Something better than I've got now.

Also, our range and fridge are in at Sears. We have to get them delivered by next week, so next week it is. They'll live outside for a weekend or two until the floor is down. The lights with switches are wonderful and I LOVE having light. Except now, when my head is pounding. All but one of our cabinets are assembled, too... and that one hasn't come in yet. Darn them! *shakes fist in rage* Countertop is here, too, and boy does it look nice. This whole house is going to be beautiful.

I'm going to go lie on the couch with some icepacks on my eyes. Maybe I'll groan a little for effect, and someone will come along and feel sorry for me...