August 6th, 2004


We're Insane

Jennie and I, that is. We're going to re-do the webpage and re-enter everything. Those of you with work in the queue, I grovel at your feet. It may take longer before I start adding said new work. It will take NO time at all to get it up once that is done. I mean, I thought it was easy before, but we're talking about working ALL the kinks out of the EMG site. And setting it up for three separate shopping cart systems. And making smaller thumbnail uploads. And fixing some of the minor niggly lingering problems that occurred because we're learning this as we go along.

It will be so incredibly cool! Since there's really only room for one monkey in the booth (and a small, corner monkey, at that), it works out nicely to have Jennie stay home and code for a few days while I man the booth. I'll probably do most of the actual updating and re-entering of most of the entries (while she trips customers to make them stop at the booth and buy stuff), since I have to generate the CCNow codes (everything else will be done automatically! How cool is that?!). We even tentatively figured a way to code up the calendar site and card sending services with minimal pain. We've had a blast (okay, I have, don't suppose I can speak for Jennie, but she hasn't cried or hid in the corner) making EMG stuff and scheming. Look out world. When I ditch the dayjob and she moves up here, we will be unstoppable. Jennie and I, we're clever, but together, we're Mad Geniusez. TM.

Frelling hot today, and I spent a few hours over the heatpress, and many other hours toting and stacking and loading and unloading the truck and wrangling display pieces together. Geniusez that we are, I still forgot to bring the cordless drill.

Printing cards now; I haven't got much card backstock since I started the new printing method. The old style cards are cheap and I hope to move most of them out this year. Cheap, I tell ya. Next is more magnets and stickers.

Yay! Looks like I might have enough work for the pirates coloring book now. This might be a first for EMG: a multi-artist coloring book that *doesn't* include me! I tried drawing some and failed miserably. Pirates aren't my bag, baby. I'll have plenty for the goth book, which also looks like it's coming together quickly.

Alright, I gotta go catch up on the email, etc. that has been piling up since I've been concentrating on the fair.

Edit: Oo! Today, Jake and bought lights for the kitchen. John might come over and wire everythng in. And we'd have lights. With Switches! That turn on and off without unplugging and don't fry bugs and aren't construction lights on tripods that are easy to trip over and float around the room in inconvenient spots and get in the way of Everything. Also, my feet hurt. As does my back, from the lifting and the heaving and the screwing.