August 3rd, 2004



Man, painting ceilings is hard on the arms and shoulders. Ow. About 1/4 done.

And this is me being subtle:

I need pirate line-art!!!

Yeah, that means you. You know who you are! You've got great pirate line-art lying around unused. You've got a spare hour or two to spend on art. You've got an inkling of an idea. You need money.

There is a deadline, since folks seem to get all motivated and moving when there's a deadline, and that deadline is SOON. Like Friday, soon.

If you need general submission details, go here:

If you need a swift kick in the rear, I can oblige.

Bring on the pirates!

I'm also seeking dark fantasy/gothic-type stuff, but not quite so urgently. I want to have pirates to press on Saturday. If I can do both, and Victoria's fairies, on Saturday, I will be one happy camper.

Paint, blisters, planning the rest of the day

Ow. Ow.

Did I mention that painting ceilings is hard on the shoulders? I also have blisters on my palms. And one on my lip from molten cheese, but that's unrelated to the painting.


About ready to head into town, go to the dump with a load of trash, shower, set up some EMG printing and go to North Pole and get my card rack from karen's storage.

Must first take fresh trash bag out to outhouse, drink another glass of water, and fuzzle the cat.

The house is very, very white. I love it.

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