July 22nd, 2004


(no subject)

Email has been disturbingly buggy the last two days, timing me out and hanging up far more than is useful. Site seems unaffected.

Got a lot of EMG done yesterday... 20 shirts, bunches of cards (lots of new design layout), dozen or so prints (some canvas, which fed FAR more reliably than usual, making happy-Ellen), and I put together my nifty new office chair. And, after a day of EMG, my back does indeed not hurt! (At least not much.)

I have four more orders to get out tonight... ran out of card stock and printing time. Also should inventory and make sure I have enough stuff to make things for the fair. I have a feeling t-shirts will do well, particularly the spiff-em new (since last year) dark shirts.

Sometimes I'm sort of boggled by the amount of spiff-em new stuff I've introduced since last year's fair... there's the dark t-shirts, I've doubled available designs, there's the whole PA 'scheme' (wizards.com's wording! :P ), new card printing, new bookmark printing, Wish3, the new print display bags and backing. Geez, even *I* don't know how I managed to do all that. And work on the house. And work an ungodly amount of hours. Yeah, okay... ego patting over. Save it for the press release.

So looking forward to the fair, and Jennie's visit. Must clean out my car.

*roars at slow email* I do TOO have permission.

Oo! Gotta go home for lunch to meet the insulation inspector. Yay!