July 3rd, 2004



Nice day, but more than a little busy. Got some vents in, trimmed rims, sprayfoamed windows and doors, braced some joists, sealed some problem joints... back is begging for icepacks.

Doing EMG artistpay last night was very depressing. My logical side reminds me that it is first half of the year, which is always *significantly* slimmer than the second half (Second half has the fair AND Christmas), and also there are more artist these payments are spread out to, but the rest of me is downright embarrassed to send out checks this small. Gah... Thank heavens for diversity, man... the printing service end of things, and the modest new input of PA, meant EMG has started a strong year anyway.

Have many emails to answer, hope no one is thinking I've abandoned them... Need EMG day. Got a few hours (literally, about 2) off of work on Friday to reorganized my filing cabinet so that I could sort PA documents and Wish3 documentation and other current stuff. (It had previously been stuffed with past years financial documentation, which does me much more good in a box in storage as it does taking up precious *useful* space.) Cleaned up and stacked the new paper I've got in. Worth taking the time, even with orders to put out... the space was getting unusable.

Things to do: Get art files in for jewelry samples... possible very cool new EMG product. Finish artist pay. Finish two orders. (Kev took off early Friday afternoon, so I wasn't able to press mousepad or t-shirst.) Update webpage. Follow up on some of the new artists, make sure my emails got where they needed to. Conbox. Printing service.

That's all.