July 1st, 2004


My life rocks.

I have a twenty dollar bill on my dresser. Stuck to this twenty-dollar bill is a sticky note in my husbands handwriting. "Turn me into an art prize, glorious master!"

He's such a sweetie.

He even likes my newest piece for PA, and that all by itself is really high praise.

I have to admit that I am enormously content with my life. (It being after lunch and my bloodsugar being at happy, caffienated levels undoubtedly has much to do with this.)

Yes, I have too much to do. But the day job... well, for a day job, it's really very tolerable. They just fed me fresh fried halibut, green salad and herbed potatoes. If I put my foot down, I get my time off, I'm just a wuss and let them talk me down to a half day. And the house... well, we're going to have a NICE house when this is all finished. A beautiful, isolated, happy house that we built from scratch. If that's not enough to make warm fuzzies, I don't know what is. (Assuming, of course, that it doesn't burn to the ground this week, but that's looking unlikely)

Yes, I have screaming art jealousy of the people I've surrounded myself by.

Jennie... geez does she know anatomy and shading and all those things I stab at with random moderate success. Watching Ursula produce is like watching something magical... those colors! those ideas! I have two of her old sketchbooks and there is nothing more fun than flipping through it trying to absorb talent by osmosis. And she's on book covers now! Stephanie Law... Steph and I go WAY back. I am madly jealous of her progress and talent and skill. We were in the same publications about a zillion years ago (1993), Moonlight Masquerade, and I thought I was hot stuff until she was featured artist. I will never, ever part with my copies of that magazine. Ever. (And only in part because of my shame of the work I thought was so good back then...) She has this handle on color and backgrounds that I despair of. And *she's* on book covers, too. Janet, with her Epitome cover and that sense of lighting and grace, Meredith with that charm she captures, Gymnopedie - whose real name I can never recall because I suck at names - and her amazing surreal sense of beauty, Isca Lox who is not again and her colors... I could go on and on and am in mortal fear of missing someone and offending them dreadfully, but you know I don't mean it that way...
... End Digression

Where was I? Oh yes, screaming art jealousy. Definitely I have that, but I also manage to look at some of what I produce and *like* it, so how bad can things be? I can hold the right end of a pencil, at least.

I have a business I adore working on doing exactly what I like! I get to make beautiful things with my own hands, support and encourage artists to create said beautiful work, and sell it to a public that wants it. It's completely win-win. And PA, what a joy! I am enjoying the forum community more than I suspected I would, and folks are so entirely supportive and encouraging. I get to ogle beautiful work before anyone else gets to see it (except Jennie, occasionally), I get to draw what I like to draw with a hope of selling it, and did I mention that I get to support and encourage artists? Call me a sap, but I really adore being able to do that.

I have a husband who loves and supports me in everything I do, a cat who doesn't disdain me (which is all you can ask from a cat), and basically a good life.

I'm feeling all kinds of warm fuzzies. I wish I could put all my extra happiness in a bottle and mail it off to all of you.