June 16th, 2004


New design!

Finally, finally, finally, a new design up at EMG.

Working on more...

(Edit: fixed link. DOH. And added another design. Managed to overwrite some shopping cart options in the process. DOH.)

Yay for me!

It's been a highly successful day today. Got vacation plans finalized and reserved. Got six new designs up at EMG. Got Mods choice at Elfwood. Got tons of work done. I even got a paragraph or two or writing done! Go me!

Tonight: finish binding Wish3 volumes, layout Issue 1 release for wholesale. Print bookmarks, laminate. Print Cat and Dragon and mail. Go home and get Jake to rub my back.

Yet more dots.

Even I'm getting sick of this stippling stuff.

Here's another piece I worked on during the Idaho trip. I bought colored pens and attempted stippling in color. Might have worked better if the set included a yellow. How are you supposed to get rich skin tones and mute purples without YELLOW?

I like my black and white stuff better, but I think I'll play with the concept more.

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