June 11th, 2004


Friday, beautiful Friday!

Productive morning, got a checkset finished up for work and did some various other stuff.

Also updated artist guidelines finally. Got the webimages I did yesterday uploaded. And caught up at the PA forums. Burning disc of various files to clean off computer and transfer to office. Afternoon off to do running around and fill PA orders. Yay!

Moderators Questions

As EMG and PA start to gain steam here, I'm stuck thinking about adding moderators to speed and streamline the system(s). I don't want to make the same mistakes other sites have made, so hit me with the problems I haven't thought of so I can figure out solutions before I need them.
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Any input you have would be welcome. I probably won't implement anything for months or years, but I want to be ready for the problems that will come with spreading out the load. And be thinking about it now so that I can set things up such that I can assign others the needed authority, etc.