June 9th, 2004


And then it was Wednesday.

Only four artists and twenty entries slogged through yesterday. But I got a lot of 'real' work done... it was a busy day. Jake and I had dinner with Mom and Dad.

Looks like another busy day, but I've still managed to get through 17 entries and two artists. Yay! Only two more (standard submissions) artists to go! Yay! And then a buncha non-standards.

Printer behaved last night, and I got the mousepad I needed printed. Gotta go press it at lunch. And visit the eye doctor for new contacts and to pay my bill.

Jake passed his PE! Yay! Go Jake!! He whomped it, even. :)

Well, back to the grind.


EMG has gone to over 100 artists. (105, though one or two have been suspiciously quiet for a suspiciously long time and I don't have neccesary documentation yet)

Obviously not all are up yet, but... wow.

That's worth some celebration. :)

Afternoon blahs engulfing me...


I'm beat. Got through ALL submissions today, cleaned up the submission site, wrote a bunch of various follow-up emails, updated the artists info list in entirety and set it so that I only have to change addresses in one location EVER. My brain is all worn out now.

Okay... time for a list. Collapse )