June 8th, 2004


The I take off the striped tights and I'm only Ellen again...

Uh-oh. Went swimming over lunch. The problems with this include: my hair is wet and the office is over-air-conditioned. BRRR. Also, I now want a nap. Also, I think I pulled something. My left hip and connected back feels all sore and wrong. Also, I have no motivation to work on submissions. Zippo. I don't think I should swim at lunch anymore.

I'm debating entering something into the Masters of F&SF contest Epilogue is doing. Nothing color... all my color work sucks twinkies. But if they're looking to fill a couple of categories, I might stand a chance in a black and white category. Maybe Between? I see a couple of problems with it now, of course, but it's a good piece. I'd say maybe the Key of Renewal, but I'm not real happy with that one anymore, either. I'll have to see if the nekked-winged lady I'm working on turns out alright.

Printer gave me fits last night... black streaks that give me that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I'll probably have to give it a dismantle and thorough clean. Rotten inconvenient machinery... But I got an order out, yay. And have two more to package up and mail out.

Alright, submissions. Darnit. I want to get these finished already.