June 4th, 2004


Blah blah blah...


Did a lot of miscellaneous drafting this morning and got through four people at the submission site. Plan to power through as many as possible today. And then double-check and see that the people who haven't replied back to their acceptances actually got the emails. Several unusual silences at that end, and today I found a couple-a artists who weren't set up properly to receive said acceptances, so I had to fix that. Could have been a mistake on previous artists, too.

Would like to get one new design up at EMG today. Just for freshness and variety.

No work tonight! Jake and I are going to *gasp* go out and see a movie! On big screen! Last one I saw in the theatres was Matrix 2, and that was with Melody. I don't even remember the last movie Jake and I went out to. Oceans11, maybe?

This weekend, it's housebuilding except during Stanley Cup time, so that's when I'll work on some print orders I've got.

That reminds me, I need to order ink. I think I'm going to go ahead and order 20 color cartridges this time. I motored through the 15 I ordered last time in just a few months. Gah... It'll be a $600 order, at least.

Hmm. Webmail has ceased responding, so maybe it's time for a break and a coke. Yeah.