May 10th, 2004




Not ready to go, at all.

Yes, I'm packed, mostly, but completely stressed, and still have a billion little things to do that I don't have a comprehensive list for, so I'm near-panicked that I'm going to forget something important.

Cleaned the house last night, did laundry Saturday, wiped off my upload files this morning. (Carefully double-checking to see I had a copy of everything.)

Also burning personal files off of work computer and deleting like mad, which is always a little nerve-wracking. Did I *really* have a backup of that story like I thought I did? Is that print file really on my harddrive at home? Do I really trust that the disc I burnt will hold up? Do I trust that my webpage won't vanish on Dreamhost? I've deleted about 3 gigs of stuff already.

asathena, I'm so sorry I haven't gotten your PA piece up yet... I'm slammed and Jennie is too. Sooooon. I hope to have time today, but we're shorthanded at work so it might not happen.

Gotta reboot. *growl*

*zooms in*

Emails written: about seven billion. I'm down to 15 now! One inbox page! Wow! Best I've been in months. Hope to have an entirely empty inbox, but that might not happen.

Panic attacks fended off: really none, but if I were prone to them, I probably would have had six this morning alone.

Brains used up: one. Need replacement. Used is fine, as long as there is relatively low mileage.

*zooms out*