May 5th, 2004


Middle o' the week


Want to get more PA work up today. *crosses fingers for sloooow day at work*

Want to get through submissions. *crosses toes for slow day at work*

Want to order new contacts. *has nothing left to cross for speedy ordering...*

NEED to order new ink. I think I have just enough time to get it before we leave. Wednesday! We're leaving Wednesday! I have a crushing list of things I want to do before I leave...

One of my PA pieces was adopted, horrah! The cheap 80s hair girl is going off to her new owner shortly. I have another to put up. I love the background and am so-so on the character. I'd love to color some of the pieces I've already got, too. The girl against the stone wall in particular. Scared, but would like to color it anyway. I plan to bring my prismas traveling with me. I'll probably have to spend a week scanning when I get back. :P

I need more pieces for the Key Project... I was making project lists last night when I realized I'd spent hours on a sketch of me with Lovemaker and it just wasn't working.

Watched Shanghai Knights, and promptly forgot to bring it back for Tom. Ugh!

Seven new designs at PA! Still need to build payment pages for the last three, but I'm going to lunch now.
Are You Sure?


Woot. Okay, the PA pieces have payment pages, note sent to mailing list, many, many emails slogged through. Many more to slog through. But I'm down to 5 pages in my inbox. Yay.

Back erking!

Time to find something to eat so I can go swimming without passing out.

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