April 29th, 2004


I can't follow directions

The rules are to find your 23rd post (this is from my 22nd post), 5th sentence (this is the fourth paragraph, 'cause it was the funniest). Everyone's doing it, man.

"I have orange soda down my shirt. I have it on my sunglasses, which were on top of my head (I'm 5'8 if that gives you an indication of the splash range). I have it all over my shoes and on my clothes. I have orange soda in my ears; a sticky film of it all over me. Eewwww!!!!"

Webwork for the afternoon.

Going back through Every Single Entry on my webpage fixing up a couple-a minor things. (Breaking full color cards into two categories and making the images clickable on everything.)

Sometimes I wince when I go back through an old entry for something. Jennie made me a beautiful format, and I had to go have *ideas* and muck it up. So many messy trailing < /a >s and other nonsense cluttering things up in places I thought I was clever and knew what I was doing. Had to make myself just push through to get this task accomplished. They don't actually do anything, so leave 'em be. It is brought home to me that I've learned tons of html in the last year.