April 26th, 2004


Weekend Report!

Good weekend. :)

Friday we helped Becca move. (The house is mine! The house is mine! The house is miiiine! -for another week or two, anyway)

It was a fair amount of work, and of course I couldn't lift much. But I held doors and helped Jake back the trailer up and carried all the couch cushions and the light stuff that I could manage. In a few hours, and only one load, we got all of her furniture moved over. Jake is a wiz at packing.

Her new place is pretty nice... big, with two bathrooms (Two more than I have...) and a wrap-around porch and a heated garage.

Saturday, we got up early-ish and worked on house plumbing. Then I went in and worked on EMG an hour, showered, and met Melody and Jake at the Athenian for a delicious Greek dinner and a carafe of wine. We walked up to the University afterwards for an American-themed pops concert... Porgy and Bess, West Side Story, Stars and Stripes, some Copland... it was a good one. :)

Went home, slept like a rock.

Sunday, we finished up the plumbing project (vents for the bathroom wetwall), and I went to gaming and worked on my previous post. Dots! I swear, stippling is like I'd imagine crack is. Gotta get my fix...

Worked on EMG afterwards (two sticky orders finally finished up), took a quick shower
went home and spent the last few hours of the weekend with my sweetie.

Nice weekend.

Silly Ellen.

I'm such a dork.

I posted on a yahoogroups list about a convention I went to in 2000 that I lost my shirt at (well, about $1000....) in reply to a 'does this happen often?' query and now I feel terrible, 'cause the guys in charge were really nice about it, and I'd consider them friends. I didn't mention their names or the location, and I even tried to put a positive spin on things, but I still feel badly for dissing their con in public.

It was justified, it feels good to rant a little, I wasn't that accusatory, but I still feel like scum.

There is a Tanith Lee (I think) book about a prince who is cursed to be a raven an hour a day and his sister, who is cursed with being so nice it's silly. I really relate to that poor girl.