April 22nd, 2004



Art! Art! Art!

Okay, so maybe I'm a tad obsessed.

Had the afternoon off of the day job, and had the thrill and excitement of getting my annual female exam (yup, still a female), getting an I/M test and registering my car and going to DMV to renew my license. And hour in 'line,' (take a number and sit in a chair) which was just peachy by me, 'cause I remembered to bring art stuff. So I inked a pirate picture (need more pirate coloring book art, you pirate artists!) and worked on this:

Collapse )
It's only half-inked, obviously, and I had to ratchet up the contrast to get the pencil lines to show (the ink bits aren't that bold irl). Any suggestions welcome.

Orders worked on, emails worked at, t-shirts pressed, lunch with Melody and nice evening with the sweetie.

This morning, work is being so-so, and I feel kinda guilty for resenting it for taking me away from art so much.


Got my bags and backerboards in, and gulped in shock at the $100 shipping labels. Or at least, I *thought* it was $100, until I got my bill, nearly fell over, looked back at the boxes and realized there were *two* $60 registers on the big one. $160 shipping all total, for a $200 order.

There are definite down sides to living in Alaska.

I had been tolerant of the $100 shipping, since I've actually started quoting prices that don't lose me my shirt and not making ridiculous deals that I shouldn't. (Hatred of the day job, even mild, helps promote good self-interest) I'm still making money paying $160 shipping, but maaaan, it does shave some more cents off.


Still, the packaging I got looks very, very sweet, and I think it will promote a lot more pick-em-up-and-pay sales. Particularly on the bigger prints and on card packages.

And I have devious and clever wholesale marketing ploys that will dazzle retailers.

I hope. :)