April 12th, 2004


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My tummy hurts. :( Time for a cup of peppermint tea.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. :) I went for a walk with Jake in the morning, printed two prints for an order, went to gaming, got rescued from outer space, spent more time with my sweetie, went over to Sheldon and Carrie's, and soaked in their outdoor hot tub for a while before coming home and dropping into bed. They fed us deep fried halibut bits, too.

This morning, I scanned in my colored version of #31, but something went wonky in the uploading, and it won't open up here at work, so my morning efforts were for naught. Well, not for nothing, I suppose... just can't get it up until I go home. Rats. Shall work on wholesale page, artist emails and getting new work up, instead. Never a dull moment.

Giving a ton more thought to my previous entry and the studio escape idea. Still need to sit down and think finances more. Running the idea past Jake, too, since of course he has a big say in things. He likes it, with the caveat that it's going to take some more thought and working out of details. I think probably toilets may be a sticking point. The septic work for just showers and kitchen would be far, far cheaper than planning for toilets. Wonder how many people would be deterred by outhouses? After last night, an outdoor hot tub is a must. Wood fired.

Delivered the placemats print job, got my check, need to settle some various accounts and put money back in the studio fund so that I can actually achieve this beautiful dream.

Countdown: 19 days left to submit to EMG. That means you.

Hey you!!

I am the fastest article-writer in the West! Well, probably I'm not... but I've got another one written for Woodworks. Yay!

Here's where you come in:

I need some illustrations for this one, and I don't want it to be another me-fest. So...

The article is on fast and dirty finishing techniques, and I need before-and-afters of static, ho-hum pieces (of otherwise good quality and attention to detail) that were finished with just the addition of a border, or a shadow, or cropping, or a background, etc. If you have such before-and-afters, please email them to me! Or, if you have a good figure or portrait start (doesn't have to be human) that you just aren't sure how to finish, I'll make suggestions (based at least partly on which categories I still need to fill), and you can finish 'em up in that manner. I'd post the images with a link of your choice, and you would be credited as the artist.

Additionally, if you have a fast and dirty finishing idea that I might not have hit (I covered easy landscapes, abstract backgrounds, shadows, borders/frames, cropping, enlarged detail and shading), lemme know.

Email: ellen-at-ellenmilliongraphics.com (you do know that appropriate format for email addresses, I assume)

Edit: should add that the next deadline is the first, so I'd need the revised pieces a few days before that.