April 7th, 2004


Back go erk.

Tomorrow, I hope to get cracked. I was walking across the downstairs towards the freezer last night and something just sort of gave in my back and for a good long time I couldn't really do more than stand there and grit my teeth and try to shift on my feet so that it wasn't quite so bad. Oy. Sat on icepacks for a while once I managed to get back up the stairs, and went to bed after 24. Uncomfortable night, and no art (*cries*), but I feel much better this morning. Stupid back. Tomorrow I have the afternoon off (no full day this week... they're begging me to work evenings as it is), so I'll try to get massaged and cracked into place then.

And hey, at least I have a freezer now! Plenty of icepacks, even though it's above freezing out!

The prints I sent last night came out great, one minor oops, but no jams. Yay! Only 9 more to go.

And work, in good bribing fashion, supplied deli meats, cheeses, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes and bagels for us hardworking saps. Omnomnomnomnomn....

Back to the grind...