April 5th, 2004


(no subject)


Not happy with my printer at the moment, and less happy to be working right now.

Stress levels *high*. But I did art for a while last night, so they aren't unmanageably high... Did a little disciplined thumbnailing (cause I really need to work on it more) and worked on Staff Man for a bit. Liking his progress, but I need to clean up the grass, darken some clouds, move my signature and do some more shading (and maybe some fun texture??) on his tunic. Been a good learning experience, hope he sells. Handsome bugger... I like his hair.

Work = CRAZY. Haven't been able to stop and do anything fun. 'Cept this, and this in sporadic 2 minute blocks. Too many projects going out, and I'm going to be asking for two weeks off at the end of May to drive down to the lower 48 and 'inherit' furniture. (Jake's dad is moving) Need to schedule it soon 'cause I need to put up warning notices at EMG and beg Jennie to take more responsibility than anyone in their right mind would want to.

Gah... more crisis....

EDIT: Why the bloody hell is LJ telling me my computer clock is wrong? I can't buy a break today...