April 1st, 2004


Thursday rambles

Day off = productive. But I forgot to pick up the coloring books on my way into town this morning. Doh. Gotta pick them up on my way home.

Got roped into being back-up babysitter for Becca. Jim's supposed to pick them up at 5:30, but he's habitually 45 minutes late and Becca has to be at conferences at 6 or something. So I've agreed to be there when he doesn't show. I'm gunna be really, really steamed if he's late. He was an hour and 45 minutes late last time I agreed to this. I really must learn not to agree to cover for his lameness.

Mom and dad are in town, did I mention? It's been nice to catch up. Mom's health is not good right now, she has a clot in her leg. They're talking about hospitalization with an IV, or self-administered stomach shots, and not letting her travel, either way. They were supposed to leave again on Sunday, so we'll see if that happens. *worries*

I have the prints article coming out in Epitome, supposedly today, and I have my usual I-didn't-do-enough-research-and-I'm-going-to-look-DUMB-and-it's-probably-choppy-and-sucks-and-omg-I-gotta-breath routine, compounded by the bandwidth article I turned in which I also know just a smattering about and maybe I made too many assumptions about what other people consider polite...

In other news, there is one thing that really fries me: requesting critiques and then invalidating, belittling or scoffing at said critiques. I have still never quite forgiven that wannabe writer dweeb on Woodchat who asked for technical research (too lazy to do it himself) and then made sweeping statements about how science was bunk and none of the numbers (that I'd spent some time compiling into non-technical terms) really meant anything anyway. And I forgive everything. I must keep myself away from the 'I say I want help but I really want you to tell me how good everything is and how mean the moderators are' boards. I will NOT let the PA lookit board become that, ever, and I'm so terribly glad that Jennie is there to give good ripping, thorough mark-overs.

I just made an impulse buy. :) Janny Wurtz's new book, personalized and hardcover. She's a beautiful painter, but I've never read anything by her. I'm too curious for my own good, and I do love having personalized books. My signed copy of Beauty, sadly tattered cover and all, is my pride and joy. I am still sad that I didn't get to have lunch with Robin McKinley like I was supposed to. And I was about 11 at the time... talk about crushed.

Alright, horoscopes are due today, so I gotta go tell everyone what's going to happen to them when they die.

Four artists, footwear and friends

Four artists set up for submissions, several emails cleaned up, back down to under fifty in the inbox.

And I bought more cute footwear. I'm so bad!

I needed a pair of mid-weight boots in a bad way. I have some wintermocs, but they're no good for deep snow or below zero, and I have Bunny boots and Ice Kings for 50 below trekking, but nothing in between. So I got myself a pair of mid-calf, fur-trimmed, girly-beyond-belief and utterly my style boots. They were $40 off, too! I think Jake would've made me buy them regardless of sale. He insists I can buy pretty things that are comfortable and useful and says I'm not allowed to listen to the griping of my inner miser.

While I was there, I got slippers. Fuzzy black slippers with sparkly bits.

My feet will be so happy!!

I'm a little late with this mememe, and a little off the beaten path, too. Recommend to me a user that isn't on my friendslist! I'm positive I've missed people that I sort of know, or know most of the friends of, etc, and it's not 'cause I've decided they aren't worthy or anything. Really. It's just that I'm not paying good attention.


I just got 60 misprinted coloring books. DOH! One of 'em I needed for a speedy delivery. DOH!

Fortunately for me, I noticed they looked a little thin when I went to pay for them, and fortunately for me, the owner of the copyshop was checking me out. And fortunately for me, he's a super nice guy, and when I offered to pay half or something for the misprints 'cause I can sell them in the discount bin, he said half was too much. So I pick up the new copies tomorrow and pay something trivial for these 60 misprints. Not much of a misprint... the pages are just double-sided instead of being blank on the back. As I said to the owner, I've had them do so many of these by now, I didn't make them write everything down in long-hand, so the order got mucked.

Long story short, anyone want some discount coloring books? I'll still pay artists full price, so we're looking at *quick math*, say $4.00 for Fishbowl Fantasies, and $5.00 for Dragon, Fairies and Fantasy Horses.