March 30th, 2004


Need coffee....

I love my job, yes I do, I love my job and my shoes too.

They're talking weekend work again, so I made them give me tomorrow off (Ellen stomp!). They're also talking about a mid-year bonus again, and I have tablet-thoughts. Drooly, happy, I'm-working-for-a-reason tablet thoughts. Bonus checks = good. Bonus checks = Ellen NOT go ballistic. Bonus checks maybe = tablet.

And my shoes are still cute.

Dear heavens I have a lot to do today...


All the news that's really not news...

My email inbox has struck fear in the depths of my heart. I really must try to catch up today.

And horoscopes.

And some PA web images.

And... um...

I need more hours in the day. Just one or two, you know. I can get a ton done in just a few hours.

Question to self: would be beneficial? Consider reprinting some articles there rather than in FARP archives. Reprints ethical? Brainstorm topics that may be of general interest.

Ugh. Ought to work on artist submission stuff. Desperately. And answering emails. Even more desperately. And eating, yet more desperately...

(no subject)

I have beaten 60 emails back today, and produced an entire set of DA drawings. (Actually I spent most of the day deleting stuff I spent hours on this week and re-producing an entire set...)

Not sure what to do with this email:

the picture is very great ilike this, if you can , can you

No really, that's the whole thing.

Off to swimming!!