March 27th, 2004


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Oy... did taxes and bills and finances type stuff today, as well as planned the driveway improvements for the summer building season. Not, ya know, the most fun ever, but very good to do. I love being able to pay stuff online!

It is brought home to me again that I *really* need to adjust pricing and payout for EMG stuff. 24% goes to artists straight off of gross sales, which is certainly acceptable to me, but I don't have enough of a profit margin once you take off that and CC transfer fees. My tax numbers are not an entirely accurate representation, since my inventory is by cost and I got such sweet deals that it's worth *more* than it cost me and a LOT of capital went into inventory this year, but still... yeech. I made like $.01 an hour for all my EMG work (and then got taxed for that... bastards). Labor of love, baby... and a serious investment in the future, too. Hopefully all the little risks I've taken will catch up with me in a good way. Interesting to note that more than 80% of the sales occur in the second half of the year. If that holds true for this year, things will be *good*.

Had another portrait adopted today. :) Woot!

Part of me says: work on the webpage! Get more work up!

The rest of me says: this is the only day off you get all week! Go art!

The rest of me wins.